St Paul's Lutheran Kindergarten, St Marys, NSW
A Community Service of St Paul's Lutheran Church
rated at
“Exceeding National Quality Standards”
under the NSW Department of Education and Communities.
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St Paul's Lutheran Kindergarten is licensed to provide Long Day Care for 40 children between 2 and 5 years old.

St Paul's Lutheran Kindergarten is open 7:30am to 5:30pm for 49 weeks of the year.

St Paul's Lutheran Kindergarten is closed for all public holidays and for three weeks holiday beginning Christmas Eve.

Enrolment options at St Paul's Lutheran Kindergarten include: Full time - Monday through Friday or any combination of 4 days, 3 days, 2 days, or just one day.
Children may be placed on the waiting list from birth.
Vacancies are filled, in general, in the order that the applications are received, under Priority of Access Guidelines.

Please contact the Kindy staff to discuss the current fees and charges.
Fees are to be paid in advance in cash or by cheque and must be kept two weeks in advance at all times. Cheques are to be made payable to St Paul's Lutheran Kindergarten. EFTPOS and Direct Deposit facilities are available. Please see the Nominated Supervisor to make any alternate arrangements. Child Care Benefit may be available, and can be applied for through the Family Assistance Office. Contact them by phone on 136150.

Withdrawal: Two weeks notice must be given when a child is to be withdrawn or payment of two weeks' fees must be made in lieu of notice.

Absensces: The Kindergarten is to be notified if a child is absent. If a child is absent for more than one week without notification the Kindergarten has the right to exclude a child if fees are in arrears. If Child Care Benefit is claimed, adherance to the Allowable Absences guidelines are necessary as set down by the Commonwealth Government.

Public Holidays and Sickness: Fees are to be paid in the case of Public Holidays and when the child is absent because of sickness or parent's holidays. We are also open all school holidays - fees are payable. Allowable Absences for Child Care Benefit must be also adhered to if these benefits are being provided.

Penalty rate: Families arriving late (after 5:30pm) to pick up their children will be charged $10.00 for the first 15 minutes or any part of that 15 minutes. $20.00 will be charged for each or any part of the each next 15 minutes. This is Kindergarten policy.

Orientation and First Days

Families are asked to visit the centre prior to their children starting. Each child settles differently. We recommend that parents and the children visit the centre together for one or two orientation visits. Parents are asked to visit the centre with their child a few times before leaving them. This allows time for children to become familiar with surroundings, the staff and some of the routines. This also allows time for the parents to get to know the child's primary caregivers and educators. During these short visits, educators will be able to discuss any concerns the parents may have and learn more about their child from them.

Parents are asked not to leave without saying goodbye. It is best if the parent explains that they will return at a certain time of the day. We also feel it is best to make departure swiftly; the child's primary caregiver and educators will be available to give comfort to the child and direct them into interesting experiences when they are ready.

Parents are encouraged to phone the centre during the day to find out how their child is settling. However if staff feel the child is too upset and is not settling, they will ring parents and ask if they would like to come and pick up their child. Parents are welcome to drop in at any time of day to spend time with their child.

Parent Participation

At St Pauls Lutheran Kindergarten we have an open door policy. If parents would like to contribute suggestions or be involved in a activity with their children e.g. cooking, a traditional meal, music or story telling, etc - please know that you are more than welcome and these experiences can be arranged through staff. Parents are invited to all special activities arranged for children, e.g. mobile farms, puppet shows, chicken hatching and wild action animal show.

We aim to work in partnership with families and would like families to feel that the centre is an extension of home. Families and staff together form a community with shared goals. The diversity of the cultures in our community will enrich the experiences that are planned in partnership with our families. Families are the primary caregivers and their input in plannning for their children's interests is essential and valued.

Our History

Pastor Lloyd Boughen opened St Paul's Lutheran Kindergarten in January 1973. It was established by the St Paul's Lutheran Church of St Marys to meet the needs of the growing Community. The Lutheran Church of Australia financed the project originally; afterwards the Federal Government repaid the amount outlaid proportionally.

Both the federal and state governments together with parent's fees fund the Kindergarten. Today the site is still owned by St Paul's Lutheran Church. The Kindergarten continues to operate independantly with a Kindergarten Council, elected from the membership of the Church and parents of the children attending the Kindergarten.

The first Director was Miss Marie Simpfendorfer, followed by Miss Joy Tarrant who served the Kindergarten for more than 28 years. Our current Nominated Supervisor is Mrs Susie Papadionisiou. Church members often worked on a voluntary basis in the early days. Currently the staff comprises of both full time and part time workers under a job share situation, as well as volunteers. The Nominated Supervisor heads the staff of teachers, assistants, and clerk.

As a contribution to the Community, the Kindergarten participates in the work experience schemes of local High Schools, University and TAFE Collages.

St Paul's Lutheran Kindergarten continues to provide
"The Best of God's Love through the Best of Child Care."

Our Kindergarten Council

St Paul's Lutheran Kindergarten is served by a team of caring and dedicated volunteers, from the St Paul's Lutheran Congregation, who are interested in protecting, caring for, and providing for the children of our community.

The Council is elected at the Annual General Meeting that is held in November each year. Families are given an opportunity to vote for two members to represent them on the Kindergarten Council. All families are given the opportunity to become Members in Association, of the St Paul's Lutheran Kindergarten Incorporated, upon attendance at the Centre.

The Kindergarten Council is responsible for the management and operation of the Centre in conjunction with the Director (Nominated Supervisor) and the Kindergarten staff. The Director (Nominated Supervisor) is responsible for the care and education of the children on a day to day basis and the administration of the Centre. The Council meetings are held on a monthly basis (the last Thursday of each month) in the evening. Families are notified of the next meeting on the noticeboard in the foyer. Reports of each Kindergarten Council meeting and Staff meeting are available to all families in a folder in the foyer. The Director (Nominated Supervisor) presents a monthly report to the Council regarding enrolments, programming, staff/family concerns, visitors, special children's events and general information.

All management personnel, parent committees and staff members are aware that all information regarding children and their families within the Centre is strictly confidential.

The Lutheran Church

St Paul's Lutheran Church, 22 Milham Street, has been in St Marys for more than 55 years, caring for Christians from Penrith to Parramatta. Our worship services are held at 9:15am each Sunday morning. You can visit the Church Website for more information: St Paul's Lutheran Church

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